Friday, March 1, 2019

Don't Give Up On Me

I am currently working towards a college degree and so my hobbies have been limited. I am, however planning an alternate history campaign. Inspired by the success of previous conversions using Brickarms weapons, I decided to try my hand at doing this again. None of these are painted ( except painted weapons but that will be redone. The figures are Armies in Plastic.

I am building a squad of renegade Russians for the Afghanistan sector of my alternate history campaign. 

The sharpshooter. It seems this marksman has found a new-fangled telescopic sight for his trusty Mosin. A handy thing in those  hostile mountains.

The Officer. Sword and pistol ready for battle. 

The ever present Winchester. 

While not entirely accurate to the time period, I do enjoy using things that foreshadow the future, like this handy shotgun.

I also modified this Boer with a Brickarms K98. I haven't decided how I feel about it yet.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Rainy Day Battle

One wet day this winter a friend and I gathered around a ping pong table and slugged out a massive Civil War game. It took many hours so I won't give a turn by turn but here are some photos that may be of interest.

Hanging my hat and duster up to dry

Starting positions

 The Confederacy's one legged General 

A Union scout and Wheat's Tigers Lieutenant duel it out on the field 

A cavalry officer and Berdan's Sharpshooter take cover behind a dead horse
The officer is knocked down by enemy fire.

Game Day!

I had the wonderful opportunity to fight three wargames yesterday with a good friend of mine. In total, one was won, one was lost, and one was called a draw due to time restraints. I was introduced to Warhammer 40K and although I enjoyed it, the game doesn't really fit my interests enough for me to buy into it. However, when loaned  an army I will happily play. We played two games in 54mm as well. The first was a French and Indian war skirmish that ended with a massacre of British Rangers by a much larger force of Indians. The second was an assault on a destroyed Boer farmhouse by a Zulu raiding party. The game was called short right at the climax. Maybe it will be finished at a later date.
 Warhammer 40k

The slaughter I endured. I did manage to knock off a few Shawnee warriors.

The board after the first turn. All games were played on the same wonderful modular terrain boards built by my friend.
 My Zulus
 The valiant defenders.

 The fence would slow my forces down enough to allow the defenders to whittle down my forces. The body pile in the picture below is a testament to the effectiveness of their rifle fire.

I was able to breach the wall but time was called at the end of this turn. 

More Painted Figures

 Assorted officers in Her Majesty's army. Although I love the scarlet uniform, I will be repainting these in khaki. 

 Canadian sniper circa 1916 converted from an AIP First World War Highlander.

Foreign Legion and Confederate officers painted as Spanish.

Confederate officer painted as, well, a Confederate officer.

Boer officer with Brickarms C96. Lego scale handguns make lovely conversions to 54mm. Expect to see more in the future..

Egyptian officer painted as a turn of the century Ottoman.

Ottoman cavalry. I will be touching up horses and repainting the riders in either black uniforms or a dark blue.

British Cavalry. These horses need touching up too. Travel is hard on paint jobs.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Few Older Painted Figures

     I painted these awhile back. There are some mistakes and spots I missed but I'll fix them when ever my To Paint box is empty, which may be awhile as I take a look at it now. Some of these are pretty cruddy even for my work but on the game table it doesn't matter much to me. All are Aip figures. They have a neat dollar bag deal where you get a number of random figures for a dollar. You have to buy in increments of 10 but its a good deal. Most of these came from dollar bags.

Three French and Indian War figures. Uncas, Chingachgook, and Natty Bumppo maybe? The scalp locks are accurate to James Fenimore Cooper's classic tales.

Zulus ready for battle. The battleaxe armed warrior reminds me of H. R. Haggard's King Twala. I don't know how accurate the leopard skin is but I think they look nice.

  Shirt sleeve British infantry from 1880's but I may use them for the Second Boer War. I missed part of the rifle on the kneeling with bayonet at the ready figure.

Shirt sleeve British artillery crew from a 7 pound gun. A Gatling crew is waiting to be painted.

 Spanish officer and sharpshooter from the Spanish American War

 Colonel Teddy Roosevelt and 1st Volunteer Cavalry standard bearer that is waiting for lettering.

 Wounded trooper and bugler from the 1st Volunteer Cavalry.

Remington Guides from the Second Boer War. These are actually Aip Boers painted khaki with the distinctive leopard skin hatbands, fitting since many Guides were "handsuppers".

A soldier and officer of the Highland Light Infantry and an officer of the Remington guides. Please excuse the bad plaid.

Generic khaki clad British officer.

German officer from the First World War. The full stock Luger with drum magazine is one mean looking pistol.

Russian troops painted a generic navy blue. I've used these for American sailors, Mexican Federalies, and many other rare roles.